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We are truly excited to be able to share this new website with you, the vehicle for our doggedly forged 2021 season, when we return to Belcombe Court for passionate music and a moment that will mark the emergence of all of us into the bright light, to sense the ‘hissing of summer lawns’ and British seasonal tradition. It all felt so far away for such a long time. 

Our theatre at Belcombe will this year take account of social distancing: it is a spectacular structure that can accommodate more people than ever which in turn allows us to offer range of lower ticket prices. Our previous Dome was too small and enclosed, but now our new configuration allows the air to flow with some seats undercover and others outside. This year is about the music and drama we have all missed so much, and thus you should bring with you your defiance, your waterproofs and suitable sustenance. We live in great hope - a state we have all become used to for over a year now - that the weather gods will be kind to those of you not under cover but our productions, with bewitching music and visceral drama, will make the evenings memorable, we can promise that. And after the losses of 2020, we hope you will join us in the true spirit of revival, to come together - rain or shine, and even with some space between us - in a gloriously emotional return.

We look forward to seeing you in August.

Michael Volpe
Interim Executive Director

2021 Programme