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Jephtha - Charlotte Valori - Operissima

5 Stars - Dark, desperate, magnificent. As Handel wrote Jephtha‘s haunting central chorus, “How dark, O Lord, are thy decrees,” his own sight temporarily failed him, and he… View More

Jephtha - Andrew Benson Wilson

Jephtha was Handel’s last oratorio, composed in 1751 as his sight was failing to the extent that at one point in the autograph score he wrote “unable to go on owing to weakening of… View More

The Midsummer Prom - Rebecca Lipkin from The Arbuturian

Midsummer Prom: Iford Arts 2017 There’s nothing like a prom to get you feeling patriotic, even in Brexit-negotiation Britain. However, I’m for a decidedly less OTT Union Jack… View More

Barber of Seville - Rossini - Rebecca Lipkin from The Arbuturian

After a mesmerising la Boheme to open, the 2017 season of Opera at Iford is going from strength to strength.… View More