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Volunteering - Priority Booking from 16 April at 10am

Our voulnteers and hosts are the backbone of our organisation and give their help in many different ways including:

  • Accommodating singers, musicans and the creative and production team
  • Stewarding at our opera performances, picnic proms and concerts
  • Providing catering during our prodcution week for the cast and crew
  • Helping with costumes, prop and set making and painting

To join as a Friend, Patron or to find out more about our Sponsorship scheme for 2021 please use the Contact Form Here.

When I started volunteering for Iford Arts it was a way to meet new people and get involved in the community having just moved into the area. It was really the chance to work in beautiful gardens that lured me, but 9 years later it is much more than that. I have been introduced to a world I knew nothing about; from meeting a young singer at an audition to, a few months later, watching the first dazzling performance of the opera. Along the way I and all the other volunteers might well have stuffed brochures into envelopes, helped at auditions, hosted singers and musicians, fed very hungry artists, sorted and sewn costumes, carried out a myriad of other little jobs in preparation, and last but certainly not least, stewarded at the events welcoming hundreds of excited opera lovers and for some, their first opera experience. I want, as a volunteer to spend my time being part of something that makes a difference and to feel I’m being of use to a wonderful organisation that values and appreciates me. That happens at Iford Arts.” Jacqui Bryan, volunteer, steward and host